Bury the Lead at Wounded Knee…NOT!

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This post is about starting your content with the right message. Musically…Listen to jazz singer Mark Murphy tell us that “This Could be the Start of Something Big”!!!

Dear readers, when you’re creating content for your website or blog, start with what’s of most interest to your audience. This will help you win their attention and positive actions.

I just read some posts and content in preparation for a meeting with a potential client. In most of them, the prospect buried the information of greatest interest to readers below a bunch of facts that were more about his objectives.

We’re all subject to this pitfall – me included. I constantly monitor my own writing for whether I’m considering my readers more than my reasons for writing the content in the first place. I don’t always succeed. Sometimes I just want to make a point and trust the readers to trust that I have their interest at heart.

But not everyone reading our posts has enough history with us to give us the benefit of the doubt. That’s why we more often have to opt on the side of appealing to what interests them.

In the example that sparked this post, the writer, describing a seminar service, did rightly identify the audience – who it’s for – at the top of the post. However, the post then gave information about the schedule and the requirements for participating. It would have been better to first state the benefits to participants. Once they buy in, they’ll tune in to the where, when and how much!


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4 Responses to “Bury the Lead at Wounded Knee…NOT!”

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I see your point but I still feel inclined to put the factual stuff first. If I go for entertaining first then facts later I worry about ending on a dry note.

What I’m referring to putting up front is the info of greatest importance for the audience. Facts can then back it up or further explain it, but if it gets missed because it’s buried, or people fail to get why they should read on and stop reading altogether, then what’s the point of writing? There’s always a way to end on a creative note. Thanks for commenting. I’m really glad to know a fellow jazz loving blogger and will definitely spend time on your blog.

Thank you for your response. Thanks also for taking a look at my silly bit of fluff.

All too true for too many of us. In their book “Made To Stick”, Chip and Dan Heath identify ‘burying the lead’ as the #1 reason that our messages don’t stay with our intended audience. Thanks for raising this, Ellie.

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