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Twitter Sand Sculpture

Make Best Use of Twitter

Welcome to Tuesday Tweets where we take a look at tweets from my Twitter feed for do’s, don’ts and best practices. Keep in mind that what we examine here is in no way personal. We’re all learning about building audiences online. In that spirit, if you disagree with my assessment, let me have it! I’m learning, too!

 Today, I’m offering you one tweet – with eight variations – that all showed up in my Twitter stream at the same time from @stidgetwit. This one post points to several practices that don’t meet my definition of ‘best’. See the tweets and I’ll give you my thoughts following them.

Hi i wanna invite you to take a look at my  CONSUMER ELECTRONICS WEBSTORE  hope you like ..it http://bit.ly/l0vzx8   Enjoy 🙂  #Support

Take a look at my BRAND NEW WEBSTORE  if you’re interested in #Consumer #Electronics   RT http://bit.ly/l0vzx8

Take a look at MY NEW WEBSTORE if you’re interested in CONSUMER ELECTRONICS http://bit.ly/l0vzx8   Enjoy 🙂 #SUPPORT #ERIKTRONICA

Wanna help me grow my online credibility for MY BRAND NEW WEBSTORE ? Please share http://bit.ly/l0vzx8   Enjoy:)   #building #credibility

Hope you have  time to visit my  CONSUMER ELECTRONICS WEBSTORE  sometimes  http://bit.ly/l0vzx8    .. Enjoy! #consumer #electronics

Take a look at my BRAND NEW ELECTRONICS WEBSTORE for #FUNNY #GADGETS and much MORE  http://bit.ly/l0vzx8   Enjoy ! #need #support

Finally MY WEBSTORE is launched ,. you can take a look at my BRAND NEW WEBSTORE .  http://bit.ly/l0vzx8   Enjoy 🙂 #New #Webstore

 Hope you have some time to visit my  #Consumer #Electronics store .. Enjoy #please #share  #Eriktronica http://bit.ly/l0vzx8

First, let me say that if I weren’t researching for this post, I would never have clicked on a tweet that was sent in eight versions with different hashtags and slightly different requests. I’m very big on testing messages, but you’re supposed to send each message to different groups or, no more than two or three to the same group but at different times.

Second, @Stidgetwit says on its Twitter profile that it’s a web hosting service, located inAmsterdam, theNetherlands. (I’m assuming it’s a company page because the avatar is a graphic.) When I clicked on the web hosting url I found out that it took me to the HostGator site, so they’re a reseller.

Nothing wrong with being a reseller, but using an existing audience to launch a new venture that wasn’t what they bought into when they followed you, rather than building another audience that’s expressed interest in your new products or services, certainly affects your credibility.

I’m not reacting to spelling, grammatical errors or use of all-caps given that this user is fromEurope, but there are a number of extra spaces that ate up valuable Twitter turf. Every one of the 140 characters can count.

Most important in this tweet review: Why use your time investment in Twitter to alienate followers? Share content with them that they’ve already indicated will be welcome and treat them as though they’re individual human beings rather than receptacles for automated ‘trash’ tweets.

By the way, since I critiqued the tweets, I did pay a visit to the new electronics store. It looked pretty nice.

What kinds of tweets turn you off?

Image is by Rosaura Ochoa under Creative Commons license. On this magnificent summer day as I sit at my computer looking out the window at Long Island Sound, it appealed to thoughts of a walk later to the beach!


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