10 Reasons Why I “Heart” My Blog

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I do love my blog! I’m happy it’s there when inspiration strikes. Over time, I’ve come to appreciate the many benefits it provides to me personally and to my business. Clients and prospects often ask me if they HAVE to have a blog. Well no one has to. But I thought I’d share a few reasons why they may want to. I look forward to hearing why you love your blog!

To reflect how I’ve come to feel about blogging, here’s the beautiful song, “Love and Passion” sung by its composer Milton Nascimento (also heard a few posts ago) in duet with the wonderful Sarah Vaughan from her album “Brazilian Romance”. Please enjoy listening!

I love my blog because:

It’s a creative outlet. For someone whose career is based on providing creativity for others, it’s strangely pleasurable to be creative on my own behalf.

It’s a chance to get ideas out of my head and into the air where others can help either confirm or deny their validity.

It’s a place to share my passions for language, marketing and music.

It helps me educate my clients and prospects so that they can better understand how what I provide can benefit them.

It’s an opportunity to reveal a more playful side of myself than in a traditional business setting.

It does wonders for my SERP visibility. For some search terms my blog helps me dominate page one, two and three results!

It helps me think about past experiences – business and personal — and put them to work in a present or future context.

It brings people into my life who I might never have met otherwise.

It imposes a certain discipline on my own marketing.

It constantly surprises me and makes me smile!!

At the risk of this sounding like a premature New Year’s resolution, think I’ll give my blog even more love in the coming year.


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123 Responses to “10 Reasons Why I “Heart” My Blog”

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I heart my blog because it’s a great testing ground for ideas and lets me practice my web design and html.

I hearted your blog post so much that I tweeted about it! You are an inspiration.

Oh, and I heart my blog because it reminds me that I’m a subject matter expert in my field and it motivates me to open my mouth about it more often.

So true! Some day, when my blogging days are done, it will be fun to go through and print off posts to look through and share later.

Hey…I heart my blog, too! And for many of the same reasons you do. But others don’t love it as much (my ex and his new wife are suing me to stop the blog I heart so much), so getting feedback from the blogging community has actually helped…IN REAL LIFE!

Don’t let them take my blog away.

And you keep blogging as well. It’s an incredible creative release.

Congrats on Freshly Pressed! 🙂

NO!!!! your blogs are awesome and inspired me to create my own. Calling all bloggers, we must join together and stop this blasphemy!!!!

Now I “heart” your blog, as well. Congratulations on being freshly pressed and season’s greetings from my Haitian blog to your so “heart-able” one! Happy Holidays from Port-au-Prince!

“Imposes discipline…” Definitely. I read somewhere that, when you’re writing, you should get a dog (or a pet). That way you get used to having a routine. I try to do 3 posts a week… and keep my dog alive.


seconded…glad you have the chutzpah to blog about why you love your blog!

I love my blog for all the reasons you do 🙂 I like that it serves as inspiration for people to become healthy and do things they never thought possible. It allows me to reach others that I wouldn’t normally be able to reach.


I love my blog too, because of the creative outlet it provides for me. I try to give my blog as much love as possible!


All great reasons. 🙂 I love my blog because it has helped me realize how much I truly love writing again, after not scribbling a word for nearly 15 years.

Congrats on being pressed!


same here!
i hadn’t written for years and sometimes wondered if i’d ever get back into it.
now my blog offers me a valid excuse for doing so:)

I too love blogging and I genuinely like to read what others write too. It eliminates the geographical divide and allows me to understand that underneath we are all the same no matter where we live.

Thank you to everyone who’s reading, commenting and offering congrats on being Freshly Pressed. Wow! That’s very exciting!

I love my blog because it allows me to be me:)
Congrats on freshly pressed!

Now everyone is loving your blog too! Congrats on being FP!

In my case I think it’s because the blog keeps on surprising me and makes me smile! 😀 Congratulations on being freshly pressed, anyway! 🙂

I love my blog because it gives me accountability with my weight loss and makes me go out and learn more about other things so that I know what I am talking about on the blog.

i love your list and its probably the same list i would have to love my own blog too.


It’s certainly been an amazing experience for me.

Boy, oh, boy! Can I ever relate… for slightly different reasons, of course.

Our topics are different; but, yesssss to your “It constantly surprises me and makes me smile!!”

I must say that today it’s making me grin from ear to ear. So great to hear from so many other bloggers and to be introduced to your blogs. Never would have met you if not for my blog!

Very good points.
There’s a world of people out there to converse with about life. Keep “hearting” your blog.
Happy holidays!

I heart my blog because I found a beautiful community of bloggers, and I love to get comments! I’m new in this world but it’s going very good!
Thanks for this post!

I do love to blog and it has been such a wonderful release for me. I can share my hopes, encouragement, and love with others while keeping the focus on God’s mighty power and blessing.

I enjoy the creativity it provides and just yesterday, I was thrilled at the thought of looking forward to utilizing more photographic images. This is the part I like– scouring the computer for that perfect photo to go along with the post.

Blogging also has been a means to leave a chronicle, an epistle to my children and my husband. Some day, my children will be able to read all that I have marked on my blog and they will certainly have something to ponder when I am gone.

What a wonderful way to reach the world– and extended loved ones.

Thank you.

I’ll give you ten reasons why I FART your blog.

I also heart my blog for the exact same reasons!

Congrats on being Freshly Pressed?



I heart this post 😉
I heart my blog because there’s something very satisfying about posting my thoughts and sending them out into an unknown “space” to have them read by others- along the lines of your second reason. I also love my blog because as a stay at home wife and homeschooling mom it’s “my time” to just be me. for the afore mentioned reasons I spend a lot of time on busy work for others my blog is me keeping me sharp. I ❤ my blog.

So do I. Blog for me is a catharsis, as an escapade from my daily hectic life as a final year college student. I can share my thoughts, feeling,etc out of my usual chat with those engineering fields. Plus, I can keep my post private if I wish, too.

Wow I never knew anyone actually used their blog for business purposes. I have run into a bunch of writers “honing their crafty selves” but …wow! Good for you.
I can’t say I love my blog, I like it for keeping a record of notions for my children..but honestly when I recently stumbled upon someone’s blog on placenta (human) recipes I decided I might actually love it, given the passion for the absurd I have. No offense placenta lady if you are reading this.I suggested to her fava beans with placenta….

I love my blog because its nice to feel like you’re giving other people like yourself the information they need in a simple yet effective way. I feel like there’s so many things out there that is considered secret information and no one tells you about it.

It’s cool!

I heart my blog because I can connect with others who heart their blogs, and then we bask in the love! Joy To The World, one blog at a time! – MoSop

I heart my blog because I love the opinions of others about the stuff I write about & photograph. Its so much fun to hear a perspective that may be completely different than mine or, so similar.

This is so absolutely true. I love my blog because I write differently than I speak and it taps into a whole different side of me. I love my blog because I lose hours in a flash and am blissed out for every one of them. I love my blog because the world falls away when I write and it allows me to laugh at myself, how damn seriously I take it all and to find great humor in my life and the people in it. Thanks for the great post… it made me smile and nod alot.

Good post.. the music makes me want to slow dance 🙂

Glad you like the music!

You share some great reasons for blogging. It is fun to explore different areas of creativity in this type of medium. Congrats on being freshly pressed.

I heart my blog because it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. It’s like a brand new baby, beccause I have all these dreams and hopes of what I want it to be (when it grows up!) but I don’t know for sure what it will grow up to be until it gets there. I just keep shaping and molding and hoping for the best!

Well, not to be the “stick in the mud” or anything but I just don’t understand what is so great about blogging. I mean really…what’s the big deal?

I heart my blog because it lets me express myself in ways that would probably get me strange looks in the public. I don’t have to feel guarded when I have to think of something to say on my blog. 🙂

I’ve finally come to love my blog, but in the beginning it was a love/hate relationship. I felt like I had to blog every single day in spite of job and family demands on my time. I’ve let go of the pressure and just write when I have something to say or share.

Now sometimes I get multiple ideas a day for things to write about (even though I still have a limited amount of time to actually blog). It’s a wonderful outlet and I certainly recommend it as a conduit to creativity.

Congrats on being freshly pressed!

Good for you! I know what you mean, I love my blog!@ I love to write! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!


I think blogs are a good way for proffessionals an non-proffessionals to come together. It’s the place where you’ll always find an audiance bc no matter what your interest is there’s always others in the world that are the same. I<3My blog http://tellittomyheart.wordpress.com/

I heart my blog because it provides me comic relief! http://hideaheart.wordpress.com

I “heart” my blog in that I like to work at an idea steadily while developing my skills.
Nice idea! Fun gathering!

Cute!Nicely written. I love my BLOG too but i just don’t have much time to write something on regular basis 🙂

To be honest, the reason I enjoy blogging is…it lets me write what I want to write (and nothing ELSE; nice segue to get people to read MY WordPress blog of the same name…lol).
Anyway, nice blog.

I love my blog too, but for a few different reasons. 😉

i like blogging because i feel i am empowered. I can be the writer and the editor at the same time. and what i like most about blogging is that you can always publish your ideas :))


I love your inspiration! It makes me ask myself why I try having my personal blogs in a few public URL and private website at earlyeldery.com. Reasons are not much different from others who respond to your wonderful blog. My appreciations and Thanks.

Thank you for posting this. It’s a great question for people to answer.
I love my blog because it gives me a chance to put my thoughts out there for anyone to read. It allows me to set a stage where my art has a voice, mine. You can be as causal and personal as you like, because it’s an open journal of sorts.

Great reasons:D

I heart my blog because it let’s me put my thoughts and feelings on the web.

Congrats on being freshly pressed.

Do what you love to do, and love what it is that you are doing.

You seem to have it working for you.


You’ve presented a fascinating array of reasons! Good job!

Hey, congrats on being FP. I just started blogging myself and I’m in similar field to you (business, marketing). I’m hoping to be a success at blogging cos I still nervous. It’s hard cos you wanna be yourself but occasional criticism may be daunting. How did you do it? Hoping to heart my blog as much as you……I’m doing alright 🙂 K

Thank you for your comment. If it’s any help, from everyone’s comments it seems we all wonder whether we’re hitting the mark with our blogs. No one could have been more surprised than me that this post was featured on FP. But I couldn’t be happier that it’s resonated with so many of my fellow bloggers. It’s great to know we’re not alone in our thoughts. I guess the key is to keep writing about what we know and believe in, sharing a bit of who we are along the way. Persistence helps, too!

Yay! I heart my blog because I can say things that I would never say in front of my mother! Haha! A bit devious, but there you have it. 🙂

It’s a place to share my passions for language,
I am with you:
That is why I call myself Lingua in a virtual world:D

I am hoping to feel the same about my blog. It’s a pleasure to be on this site. Thank you.

I am happy to be aboard. Thanks for the inspiration! Love it.

For your creative information…blogging is our creative masterpiece always in the works!

Thanks for the outline- I passed it on-

I heart my blog because I get the chance:
to say my opinion about plenty of subjects;
to use my creativity, despite being a rational person, who usually uses her logical skills;
to share my memories with people and to keep them clear;
to meet interesting people, who have SOMETHING to say (unlike other people in my life);
to share my hobbies and tastes in music & films;
to make people realize that a situation isn’t always black or white, it can be yellow, red, blue or gray sometimes; in other words, we shouldn’t always say yes or no, sometimes there should be room for MAYBE.
I heart your blog for posting this 🙂

I love blogging because it gives me a chance to interact with all kinds of different people.


It is a great way to see other people’s ideas and put your own out there as well.


Hey. Love your blog..
Could you tell me how you uploaded the song link. I tried but it didn’t work cuz it didn’t recognize the file i had it saved as which was a realplayer sound clip.
Thank You fo ryour help.

Once you upload the file, in the url field select ‘none’. That inserts the player in the post. Once you’ve done that, do a preview of the post and see if the tune loads and plays. If not, click the insert tune icon again and use the alternative upload format (I think it’s flash player). Hope this helps. I had to play around with it a bit til I got it together.

I’m a newbie to blogging and it feels like a silly question….but what’s “SERP visibilty”?

Search Engine Results Page. It’s what you get when you do a Google – or other search engine — search. Blogs are very searchable and they give you credibility when someone’s searching for information that your blog can provide. Your blog can help you get found online.

I recently started a blog because it inspired me that people kept going with it, until people started reading and following it, I want to do the same and some day love my blog. Right now I’m experimenting with what to write, but one day I’ll find a good niche!

You have the perfect attitude to be a successful blogger! Keep on going!

Thanks for sharing. All ten are great reasons to blog. I blog for a motivation to practice my skills and a way to practice my photography with some feedback.

I heart my blog because it allows me to share the creative me.

I heart my blog because it challenges me to reflect, to grow as a person. 🙂


What an awesome post. Glad they chose you for fresh pressed. I agree wholeheartedly. Give your blog some love 🙂

Checked out your blog and subscribed. It definitely appeals to the music lover in me. Plus NOLA is one of my favorite places so dug the little known musicians from there. very cool!

Keeping my blog active helps instill discpline in me too 🙂
Great post!

and so do I….
I prefer my blog to my fb…
I love my blog!!!!

wonderfully said…i heart my blog too because i feel it is truly my niche and a place to voice out my thoughts without any hesitation…

Happy hearting your blog!


I love the fact my blog informs the public of corrupted courts of law and show that in todays worlds there’s just no justice. And hey, it’s all in the open when you blog it.

I love my blog too! It has opened up a whole new creative outlet for me…plus, what a great way to connect with perfect strangers and develop great banter across the web. Blogging is a very reciprocal art. I love that about bloggers. Great post…congrats on FP!

I love my blog because it’s a storage of memories and a motivation to make my dreams come true 🙂

I heart that you heart your blog. I have come to weird place with mine… I love the creative outlet aspect, as I’m an art therapist for work. But lately, it just seems one dimensional, journal like. Suggestions how to make t more interactive? what has worked for you?
~~~congrats on being “pressed”

Thanks for commenting. You pose an interesting question…one that I’ve pondered, too. In fact I just wrote a new post today that addresses what it takes to connect, who we write for, etc. One of the commenters who blogs for herself said that she’d never heard of blogging for business. I blog for a business audience, people who are already searching for the info I’m sharing. I believe that no matter what we blog about, there are people already online who are looking for that info or sentiment or poetry or whatever and who will be happy to connect with it. So even if we’re blogging as a creative outlet, considering who your audience might be will help you to connect with them. Automatically your blog will be more interactive. Also try asking something of your audience — as I asked ‘What do you heart about your blog.’ People are happy to reply — as you have proven so beautifully. Also Google Chris Brogan and read some of his insights on connecting with online audiences.

I just started blogging and feel the same way! Though I love having my blog as an outlet, I really just feel like I’m talking to myself. I like the idea of targeting a particular audience to interact more with them; maybe I’ll try to keep things more focused.
Thanks, great post!




A love for communications. Everyone has a little writer or speaker inside the belly. I agree in the fact that having a blog help you to empower your network, specially in this time where almost everyone has internet, almost everywhere you go. And for the time we saved let us get inspired to do what we love even greater. Inspiration is everything!
~Great note,
Mirian from peelingtheorange.

Thanks you for the inspiration. Much needed!!!

Thank you for the inspiration. Much needed!!!

Congratulations on being freshly pressed!

I love my blog because it’s a guilt-free avenue to say all the things that I’m not supposed to say.


Well put. I hope I’ll feel the same way too soon!

It brings people into my life who I might never have met otherwise.

agree with you! 🙂 i have made many new friends from blogging and some of them have been my bestfriends (off and online) till now 🙂

I hope I’ll feel the same way too soon! 🙂

That’s awesome. I heart my blog for the same reasons!!! Blogs can be so powerful. Keep up the good work!

Very inspirational! Keep on bloggin!

eu amo meu blog pois ele vai me ajudar a trabalhar com a emoção eo encantamento.

blog da divulgação

Great blog. I liked the way u described your blog.

This is a nice post! Well, I have been blogging for seven years and I love my blog for being a reflection of my growth. I will create a new blog in WordPress (more like a mirror blog) this 2011. I will definitely shower it with more love than ever. 🙂 Thanks for inspiring!

I heart my blog too but I sometimes forget about it. My new years resolution is the same as yours! 🙂

I love my blog because it is top secret….. i therefore vent and moan, and perhaps say so many things that i wouldn’t- if i knew who woudl be reading it!!!

It is like a lazy man’s gym session to rid himself of stress. Yah!!!

I could not agree more… I’m pretty sure that I’d get fired if anyone at work knew about my blog!


I would only ‘heart’ my blog if I could put a little heart icon here.

Oh, wait I can!

Therefore I ♥ my blog too!

Why? It allows me to get my creative juices flowing; it allows me to rant and it allows me a little escape. I clearly don’t get as many people reading it as you, but who is my real audience – me – so that’s OK.

Love your little heart icon!Believe me that until my post was Freshly Pressed, I didn’t have that many people reading it. You may want to take a look at the post I put up yesterday on the subject of connecting with audiences. I really learned alot from this post.

I heart my blog because it makes me socialize more with people in some way. It helps me to be more confident with words, and it is so fun to share ideas with others! 🙂

Same here dude, my blog is very special to me too….

I think I’m starting to love my blog too. Though it’s only three-days old but heck we love babies instantly so there you go.

I can share my passion for travel and that is my EVERYTHING !

why i love my blog…

Blogging is all about letting ourselves loose and our ideas flowing. The nature of this medium truly enables one to explore their creative side and use their imagination fully. It is a no holds barred approach, limited only by technological barriers. I believe a good blog is not a coincidence but requires a lot of planning, background work and creative inspiration.

Best Wishes

What a beautiful song- Love and Passion- never heard it before- thanks for sharing!

Love when someone notices — and enjoys — the music post. A few posts ago I included Milton Nascimento’s wonderful Don Quixote. The post is titled It’s not business. It’s personal. if you’d like to check it out. Love your blog, BTW.

“It’s a chance to get ideas out of my head and into the air where others can help either confirm or deny their validity.”

I very much agree.

Definitely true! I just started my blog and these reasons just made me feel great that I’ve decided to start one. Thanks!

I heart blogging period. 😀 Congrats on the Freshly Pressed! Let’s all heart our blogs some more!

These reasons are good but i love my blog.

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